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Health Care

Health Care must be considered a human right by our government. Too many Nevadans are faced with the choice of medical care over basic needs due to the prohibitive cost and the lack of access. The pandemic has revealed many cracks in our healthcare system.

We learned the importance and difficulty of the work our health care providers offer. We saw the impact of individuals struggling to afford health care. Northern Nevadans faced issues ranging from access to medical providers for rural populations, rising costs of medications, and rising premiums. Our current representative has only worked with his party to scare the healthcare industry out of our state market, leaving most of northern Nevada with only two options: a single private health care option or none at all for health care on the state market. While Nevadans are increasingly struggling to stay healthy and alive, our current representative was working against our public health care interests.

To help address this, I fully support a single-payer health care system to help alleviate these issues. I will fight to let Medicare negotiate for lower prescription medication costs. We need to improve our approach to lower the cost of premiums while increasing our access to doctors. I am dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions of Americans across the county.

Better healthcare means better quality of life.

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