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Criminal Justice Reform

While the U.S. accounts for only 4% of the world's population, it holds more than 20% of the world's imprisoned population. Nevada sits even worse with an imprisonment rate higher than half the country. I will fight to make our criminal justice system prioritize rehabilitation over incarceration. We must place a federal ban on the death penalty to both avoid more tragic cases like Ledell Lee and end the violent practice. Justice should be justice, not revenge. Likewise, we must reclassify the scheduling of marijuana and commute all sentences for prisoners of non-violent drugs offenses.

​​Nevadans face a disproportionately high imprisonment of people of color. Northern Nevada’s Latino population stands out as the main demographic for over policing. Despite being 13% of our population, Latinos are overwhelmingly faced with police encounters across Northern Nevada. I will work to ensure our agencies have the resources and training necessary to ensure equal and fair policing across the board, so every Nevadan can feel protected and secure. 

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