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Northern Nevada has a diverse and booming economy from manufacturing to hospitality. Yet, we are seeing the service industry and essential parts of our economy grow strained. The pandemic put a lot into perspective for us all. Who is essential? How much are they worth? Everywhere workers are suffering from burnout, with ever increasing workloads and expectations in the new evolving world. Many faced layoffs, others left the workforce, adding more stress to their economic burden. People are choosing remote work which renders traditional models obsolete. I will support work from home careers. 

The world we live in is not cheap and the cost of living demands people make more in order to survive. People have shown they are willing to work when they are valued and treated fairly. I will fight for a raise to the minimum wage to $15 an hour, bringing our wages in line with economic productivity. The pandemic forced many economic issues for everyday Nevadans and Americans to the surface, now its time our leaders work to address and alleviate them.

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