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Growing up in Nevada, I understand firsthand both the success and failures of this state's education system. 

Our teachers are some of the most dedicated, yet undervalued, people in today's society. It would take more than two hands to count the great and inspirational instructors I've had throughout my education. They have been continuously underpaid and overworked. I will fight to increase the base pay for teachers, ensure worked hours are compensated, and increase funding available for classroom resources.

We need to ensure that all of our children have fair and equal access to the best possible education to guarantee better and brighter futures for everyone. This starts with ensuring each and every Nevadan has access to reliable and fast internet. The world is interconnected, and those without digital access are rapidly falling behind. Further, we must address the driver shortage and general bus access issue within the northern part of the state. Without more funding, we will continue to lose drivers and access to drivers, which will continue to hinder our progress as a state and country. I will fight to increase education funding on a federal level and ensure all educational resources go to support our children and their futures without shortfalls or budget adjustments.

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