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Nevada has been deeply impacted by climate change whether we like it or not. Every year, we record the longest fire season on record and report a dryer than the last. We are in a megadrought where lake beds are drying, and water is becoming our most precious resource. Years and years of US putting off these issues, believing them to be problems of the future while blindly ignoring the facts, have led “the future” to be here and now.

We are living through an unprecedented climate crisis. 71% of global carbon emissions are caused by 100 companies. We cannot put profits over the health of our planet any longer. I support the transition to a green economy by expanding our use of renewable energy and curbing our reliance on fossil fuels to power our lives. I support the transition away from these fuels by increasing our use of electric vehicles and offering incentives for consumers and manufacturers to create and purchase electric vehicles. Finally, I will support a policy which brings more green jobs and resources to Nevada.

We can no longer wait until tomorrow anymore, and as a scientist, I will not let us keep scoffing at the facts and truth. The time for action is now.

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