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We here in Northern Nevada are witnessing firsthand the importance of our transportation workers and the key infrastructure they support. We need to increase our use of mass transportation to help with road congestion and reduce our carbon footprint. The investment in mass transit in Nevada will bring new jobs and support our local workforce. I have personally spoken to Reno bus drivers about their situation and went on to speak in support for Teamster Local 533 in Reno during the 3 month long stand off against the abhorrent management company Keolis. We as a state must do more to address the issues of management within our public transit system and provide  more funding into the state to support our workers and their conditions.

Nevada needs a massive mass transit investment to increase both the scale and access to public transportation beyond the investment in road and bridge improvements we are currently receiving. Fixed roads are no good when they’re too congested to drive on. We need mass transit infrastructure to support our growing and commuting populations. We need more electric vehicles on the roads. I will fight to incentivize electric vehicle manufacturers to produce more of them and credit families for purchasing and using them.

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