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In Nevada, we must be grateful and thankful for our citizen's efforts in the 1990s, working to codify within our state statutes women's ability to pursue safe, legal health care options within the state. We saw the removal of more barriers in 2019 under Governor Sisolak, further increasing women's ability to access safe health care.  

However, in light of the recent supreme court leaks and the current state of Nevada's health care, we must work to do more.

As it is written, the statute only allows for procedures administered by a physician. This means nurses and nurse practitioners are barred from assisting or administering the medication often used for safe procedures within Nevada. This dramatically limits access to health services for women. We must, as a state, work to both amend the statute to allow for more access and work to increase the number of licensed physicians within our state!

Further, we must work to address the health care crisis within our state right now. The average patient-to-physician ratio within northern Nevada is around 2250 to 1. I have already spoken to many people reporting they cannot get appointments closer than six months out. We are seeing a strain on our health care system now...we must not only work to build our current support but ensure we can support and handle any influx of those seeking health care from out of state.   

We must protect any and all you need health care services now and in the future within our state. I fight to make sure our services and options are not cost-prohibitive for any who needs to come to our state.

I support women's and anyone's right to decide their healthcare practices and choices. We must respect everyone's autonomy.

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