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The 2nd Amendment

Current events have brought a renewed need and emphasis for updated gun policy within our country. I support ownership with regulation, and now more than ever, this is important for our public safety. Guns used for some of these most recent crimes were obtained legally within our current system. We need to re-evaluate the procedures and checks in place for purchasing firearms. This will not solve the problem but may help save more lives than they would harm.   

Any call to outright ban assault rifles has always troubled me, especially as a Nevadan. Often times the language and, by extension, the implications are more harmful than helpful to the conversation. Fully automatic AR-style rifles and modifications that allow their creation should rightfully be banned. But we must also recognize that "assault rifles" are a much larger class of firearms, and an outright ban would not only be confusing but would lead to many discrepancies. We must evaluate and recognize the deadliness of these weapons to determine how they must be regulated and also why they must be regulated. I  support the ownership of semi-automatic rifles, but only under regulation and with greater purchasing restrictions.

Our laws attempt to ensure weapons are legally in the hands of those who should have them, but clearly, more MUST be done. 


We must work to address the gun show loophole and the waiting period loopholes to help address the growing issue of loose access within our country. The sale and ownership of kit guns must be reconsidered and should be monitored and tracked to ensure safe and proper ownership of these weapons.


I support "a well regulated" right to bear arms. 

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