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Who Is Tim?

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Like many scientists, my story starts with observing a problem.  I was reading the news one day and learning of the happenings in the world and the issues arising, I became more alarmed. These issues were thought to be those of the distant future, yet they were today. I evaluated what our leaders were doing to advance solutions and how they were fighting for their constituents, yet I saw little being done. People from every part of society are hurting, and the struggles of working class Nevadans and their families have only been exacerbated with the ever evolving pandemic.  Our leaders must do more.

We are living in a time where we can no longer look at issues as tomorrow's problems. They are here today. Our system and the leaders shifted from fighting for everyday people and their well being to enriching pocketbooks and contributors. Our county is built by the American individual and they should reap the benefits of our rich country. Not just those who were born lucky enough to already be rich. I want to leave a world for our children better than how we found it. The time for action is now. We must  change the conversation if we want to start making a difference. I believe I can be that voice. 

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