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Who Is Tim?


I consider myself a 5th generation Nevadan, with my great, great grandfather immigrating to Goldfield Nevada in 1907 and moving to Reno in the 1920’s. All of the memories I cherish growing up are of the fine state of Nevada I call home. I grew up in a military family. It came with some amount of sacrifices, but more importantly, instilling lifelong lessons and the values of hard work and getting the job done right. 

I am a working class American from average and humble beginnings.  I do not come from privilege or an elite school, I am a Nevadan. I opted to stay close to home by attending the University of Nevada, Reno, where I pursued a degree in Professional Chemistry. We are one of the few states leading the nation in advancement and development, yet our education system is broken and is limping along. I understand the systems’  successes and shortcomings. I am committed to building the infrastructure schools need to provide children a well-rounded education both within and outside the classroom.

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