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Our society suffers massively from institutional racism. Major systemic racial injustices occur in our Health Care, education, housing, and employment markets. We need legislation that will counteract these injustices and move our country forward.

The fight for our nation's Civil rights and racial justice impacts us. I pledge to fight for the continued expansion of our civil rights. Specifically, I will stand against all forms of voter suppression and disenfranchisement. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is one of the most critical pieces of legislation of our time. 


Reparations are something we must seriously consider in today's society. We strive for equality within our society yet refuse to help those forced into more challenging positions and further back than others. Reparations would help make life more equitable and attainable for all those the system has worked against within America. We can and must reconcile the sins of this nation and right the wrongs of our past. 


The US government has a horrible record of working with or even including indigenous populations when operating in any territory regarding our indigenous neighbors. Like the rest of the country, Nevada only adheres to a consultation-based approach when working with Native people. Instead of being granted a voice, frequently, they are lucky to receive the chance to ask questions when consulted on various issues or even the use of Native-controlled land.


As your representative, I pledge to support a consent-based approach when working with native populations, and the government is looking to operate on Native land in Nevada. If the United States government wants to do anything on Native land and the answer is no, the project will not go forward.

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