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Meet Tim

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I consider myself a 5th generation Nevadan, with my great, great grandfather immigrating to Goldfield Nevada in 1907 and moving to Reno in the 1920’s. All of the memories I cherish growing up are of the fine state of Nevada I call home. I grew up in a military family. It came with some amount of sacrifices, but more importantly, instilling lifelong lessons and the values of hard work and getting the job done right. 

I am a working class American from average and humble beginnings.  I do not come from privilege or an elite school, I am a Nevadan. I opted to stay close to home by attending the University of Nevada, Reno, where I pursued a degree in Professional Chemistry. We are one of the few states leading the nation in advancement and development, yet our education system is broken and is limping along. I understand the systems’  successes and shortcomings. I am committed to building the infrastructure schools need to provide children a well-rounded education both within and outside the classroom.


Like many scientists, my story starts with observing a problem.  I was reading the news one day and learning of the happenings in the world and the issues arising, I became more alarmed. These issues were thought to be those of the distant future, yet they were today. I evaluated what our leaders were doing to advance solutions and how they were fighting for their constituents, yet I saw little being done. People from every part of society are hurting, and the struggles of working class Nevadans and their families have only been exacerbated with the ever-evolving pandemic.  Our leaders must do more.

We are living in a time where we can no longer look at issues as tomorrow's problems. They are here today. Our system and the leaders shifted from fighting for everyday people and their well-being to enriching pocketbooks and contributors. Our county is built by the American individual and they should reap the benefits of our rich country. Not just those who were born lucky enough to already be rich. I want to leave a world for our children better than how we found it. The time for action is now. We must change the conversation if we want to start making a difference. I believe I can be that voice.

Who I am

I have always enjoyed working with and helping others.  I have always found myself within different customer service positions in the workforce. Currently I work as a customer service representative, where I am afforded the unique opportunity to interact and assist Nevadans in their everyday lives. On a daily basis I am faced with new and challenging issues which I must work to creatively address and solve.  I plan to take this unique understanding and adaptability with me to the halls of congress.

I understand first hand the struggles many individuals face trying to afford an education relying on a part-time job. Countless others have to juggle many jobs in order to afford living. I will be the loudest and strongest advocate for working class American families and those struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet. It's time for working class Americans to receive some customer support from congress.  

As a  child and young adult, I struggled with mental health issues. I know that I am not alone. Mental health related issues are an ever-growing medical issue within our state, ranking in the mid to low 40’s in the US. The whole issue has been stigmatized within this country and will continue to debilitate those affected unless we move to act now. I will fight to ensure that mental health services are covered by health care plans within America. Investments need to be made into improving mental health services and detection within our youth.  Treatments and guidance need to be de-stigmatized. More must be done.

My time gaining experience in politics may have been brief, but was impactful. I was an academic intern in both Washington DC and Reno working for the late Senator Harry Reid. During this time, I attended congressional hearings, assisted in constituent work, and helped organize the 2016 Tahoe summit. I was able to listen and meet many politicians from both sides of the aisle. I learned what it takes to be an effective leader in Washington D.C. and how to best serve Nevada. We are no longer in a period of blissful hope and quiet oppression. We must act in order to embrace the future and create a better tomorrow. 

As a child I was envious of those who were optimistic for the future -I grew up in a world saturated in violence which left my generation to inherit the traumas and mistakes of the past. I hope to promote hope and peace to a world which was not given to me. I want a world we are proud to give our children, not one hoping they fix our mistakes. The time for action is now, and I am here to change the conversation.

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