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Meet Tim


I consider myself a 5th generation Nevadan, with my great, great grandfather immigrating to Goldfield Nevada in 1907 and moving to Reno in the 1920’s.

My father works two jobs, one as an engineer in the civilian sector, while also serving in the Nevada Army National Guard.  Growing up in a military family came with some amount of sacrifices, but more importantly, instilled lifelong lessons and values my peers missed. I learned the value of hard work and understanding what is needed to finish any job.  


We are living in a time where we can no longer look at issues as tomorrow's problems. They are here today. We shifted from fighting for the workers and their well being to benefiting the upper class and shareholders’ pockets. The world is no longer structured to build a better future for everyone, but making sure those who were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time are set for life. I want to create a world we pass to our children addressing our mistakes and those before. 


The time for action is now. We need to change the conversation if we want to start making a difference. I believe I can be that voice.  We see younger demographics are growing underrepresented in today’s political offices.  Unless we have a voice speaking with for those without one, there will never be solutions, only continued misguided policy. We must shift away from rich donors and corporations to everyday people and their families

Who I am

I am a direct product of Nevada Education system. I understand both its successes and shortcomings. I am committed to building the infrastructure schools need to provide children a well rounded education both within and outside the classroom. I opted to stay close to home by attending the University of Nevada, Reno, where I pursued a degree in Professional Chemistry. We are one of the few states leading the nation in advancement and development, yet our education system is broken and is limping along. Nevada has stopped offering the resources and experiences needed for our success in this changing world. 

I have always helped others and fixed issues.  I have also found myself relegated to different customer service positions while in the workforce. I understand first hand what it is like to handle a part-time job and get an education at the same time. Countless others of my generation have to juggle a full time job and an education.  We need policy that affects and helps working class Americans. It is the service workers and the everyday people that keep the country running. We are, have been, and will continue to be the essential workers. It is time this nation treated us as such. I will use this information to be the loudest and strongest advocate for working class American families and those who have been forced into the service system by our current economic state. It's time for the service industry to receive some customer support from congress.  

As a young adult, I struggled with mental health issues. I know that I am not alone. I witnessed the physical warning signs in others for these issues are just as haunting as the experience. Mental health related issues have been stigmatized within this country and will continue to debilitate those effected unless we move to act now. I will fight to ensure that mental health services are covered by health care plans within American. Further, we will work to increase resources available to our young adults and teenagers to ensure they can live their fullest and most complete childhood going into life. Finally, preserving our youth's well being in schools, at home, and under the government's care must be a top priority. Investments need to be made into improving mental health services and detection within our youth.  Treatments and guidance need to be destigmatized. More must be done.


My time spent gaining experience in politics and the federal government may have been brief, but it was impactful. I spent time in both Washington DC and Reno working for Senator Harry Reid on an academic Internship. During this time I was able to attend congressional hearings, assist in constituent work, and helped organize the 2016 Tahoe summit. I was able to listen and meet many politicians from both sides of the aisle. Some of our leaders at the time had mastered the skill of time management to maximize their efforts. While many who are still representing us fail to prioritize their work over media time.  


We are no longer in a period of blissful hope and quiet oppression. We must act in order to embrace the future and create a better tomorrow. As a child I was envious of those who experienced and hoped for a better tomorrow through their own experiences. Yet my generation was coming of age during the greatest economic recession we have seen since the Great Depression. Now young adults are entering into a workforce which appears to be working against them. Wealth has changed hands from the workers' well being to the elite and shareholders’ pockets. I want a world that we are proud to  give our children, not hoping they fix our mistakes.  The time for action is now, and I am here to change the conversation. The younger demographics in this country are the least represented age group within today’s political offices. We must change how our representatives represent us. The focus must shift from rich donors and corporations to the working class and their families.

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